The purpose of the workshops is to find solutions to problems that Gazans and Palestinians face on a day to day basis.

Do you have a few spare hours a week?  Can you teach, mentor or help those in need with advice to help them off their feet?  Can you show via Skype how to build houses without cement? Are you a health specialist or emergency specialist?

Yes to any of these questions or you can think of other ways to help them via skype or webcam or other internet technological means please come and join us on 30 August and give Hope over Fear to Gazans so that they can have a semblance of a life amongst the provocations and rubble.

 We are limited to 150 spaces per workshop please may we ask you to register to save your place. Please note that your details will only be used for the workshop purposes for the day.

Morning Workshops – 10am to 1pm

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Education – Prof. Riad Elkhoudary, PLO executive committee and the president of Gaza University in Gaza will chair

Currently a student in gaza who has done an online course with a Scottish university is unable to attend her exams in Alexandria as crossing for raffah is closed – let’s find solutions ie exam in Gaza with agreement with universities? Schools destroyed and pupils unable to study lets help them via webcam and teach a few hours a week.


Emergency Services


Afternoon Workshops – 2pm to 5pm 30th August 2015

Business And Construction – Pauline McNeil Chair in Glasgow

Businesses and individuals together can they offer solutions for apprenticeships via webcam etc Apprenticeships for Gaza Students and solutions for problems/ difficulties facing Gazans on an every day level alternative methods of building without using cement. Mentoring a few hours a week or every couple of weeks start-ups in Gaza and businesses wanting to expand.


 Health/Medical – Dr Mohammed Elkashef, General Manger of Ministry of Health Palestine will Chair in Gaza

Natural health remedies / medical personnel to work closely via webcam etc with hospitals in Gaza giving advise etc


Currently Gazans are unable to leave their open ‘prison’ and we as outsiders are unable to enter as the Rafah border in Egypt is closed more often than not and the Erez crossing via Israel is time consuming and there is no knowing whether one can cross into Gaza or not.