Gaza – facts

The Gaza Strip is one of the most densely populated places on earth with a total area of 365 km2 and a population of over 1.79 million.

Poverty and unemployment continue to rise due to the Israeli siege imposed on Gaza for the past seven years continues .

80% of people in Gaza depend on aid to survive

Approximately 25% of the essential medicines and 52% of the medical disposables completely run out.

50% of the ambulances stopped working as a result of the lack of fuel, which further aggravated the hospitals’ mission

50,000 Gaza employees have not received their salaries for more than three months

Al-Khair Projects in Gaza

Medical Aid Projects

Names of Hospitals

1 – Kamal Odwan Hospital ( Public Hospital located in North of Gaza strip )

2 – Al-Shifa Hospital ( Public hospital located in Gaza city )

3 – Essahaba Hospital ( NGO hospital located in Gaza city )

4 – Aqsa Hospital ( Public hospital Deir Al-Balah )

Medical disposables have been supplied for Kamal Odwan Hospital in North of Gaza strip , the disposables have enabled the hospital to provide free treatment and care for the wounded and injured during the war .

Medical Equipments have been supplied for Al-Shifa Hospital ( ICU Beds , patients beds , trolley , emergency beds ) have been supplied for Al-Shifa Hospital which is the main hospital in Gaza city The delivery of these essential items to help hospital afford the increase number of the wounded and injured during the war

Medical Equipments and disposables have been supplied for Aqsa Hospital in Deir Al Balah in Middle of Gaza strip . this hospital has been under attack in the war , so the emergency intervention of AKF helped the hospital to treat and care the wounded .

( DC shock , ultrasound equipment , ICU beds , ICU Monitor , surgical tools , trolley beds , emergency beds and other disposables ) have been supplied for the hospital .

Medical Equipments and disposables have been supplied for Essahaba

Medical Complex in Gaza , the hospital was working 24/7 hours to treat the

Wounded and injured and host the patients of El Wafa hospital which was

destroyed in the war

Medical disposables , Medicines and equipments ( Chemistry analyzer ,

Surgical tools , power drill, diesel for generators , and other medical

Disposables and medicines have been provided for Essahaba hospital

Water project

Water have been supplied and provided for the displaced and affected families in Al-Shijaiya and Khan Younis

2 water tankers are working around the clock to provide water for the affected families .

Every day sum of 50,000 litres of water is provided for the affected families in Gaza strip .

Water filtration plant and power generator are installed in Khan Younis to provide clean water for people in Khan Younis

Food Aid projects

The food parcel contained the following items White flour and sugar which have been delivered for the affected and displaced families during the war time for Khuzaa in Khan Younis and Gaza city

Food Voucher has been provided for displaced families in all regions of Gaza strip . The food voucher enable families to withdraw their food needs from shop , it gives them flexibility to select their need and have access to more nutrition items as fish , meat , vegetables and etc

Educational Projects

AKF will be sponsoring University students in Gaza to complete their undergraduate studies at the local universities in Gaza .

Seasonal Projects

AKF implement every year Qurbani , Ramadan Food Projects every year for the Palestinian people in Gaza

Construction Projects

AKF is working to build hospital in Khan Younis which will provide free medical aid and care for thousands of Gazans in south of Gaza strip

Diesel Generators for hospitals and water plants in Gaza